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17th October 2013

Chris Packham joins the BUAV campaign to end experiments on cats and dogs

London - Britain’s most renowned Wildlife presenter, Chris Packham, has posed with his two dogs, Itchy and Scratchy, in support of Our Best Friends, a BUAV campaign calling on the UK Government to end the use of dogs and cats in experiments.

Chris said: “My two dogs, Itchy and Scratchy, don’t just share my home, but also my life and they have been a joy since the first day we welcomed them into my house. It is hard and terribly saddening to know that there are hundreds of dogs living in laboratories in the UK, who will never know the love of a family home and will only experience pain whilst being used in tests. That is why I am supporting the BUAV’s Our Best Friends campaign to call on the government to end animal experimentation on dogs and cats in the UK. Please join us and do the same.”

Dogs and cats share our homes and our lives. 23% of British families now include at least one dog, and around 19% of us have at least one cat. Yet each year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs are harmed in cruel experiments in the UK. They endure a life of misery caged in laboratories where they may never see the sky or feel grass under their paws. These animals are not protected by the same law as domestic family dogs and cats, which means researchers can carry out experiments on them which may inflict severe suffering and harm.

The BUAV Chief Executive, Michelle Thew, said: “Dogs and cats are our best friends - they do not belong in laboratories. We are delighted to have the support of Chris Packham and urge the public to join us in our campaign to end experiments on cats and dogs. Please sign and share our petition today.”

Other celebrities who are support our  campaign include Ricky Gervais, Paul O’Grady and Kimberly Wyatt.